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Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition
Protecting Your Motorized Access to Public Lands
Since 1987
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Who is COHVCO?

The Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition was formed in 1987 by a group of leaders from the Four Wheel Drive, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, and ATV communities. COHVCO in a coalition working to protect your right to enjoy your public land! COHVCO works to promote legislation and regulation favorable toward OHV recreation.

Ex Officio Advisors:

  • US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region
  • Bureau of Land management, Colorado State Office
  • Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation
  • Blue Ribbon Coalition
  • National Off Highway Vehicle Conservation Council
  • Trail Preservation Alliance
  • Responsible Recreation Foundation

Organizing Members:

  • Colorado Snowmobile Association
  • Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit
  • Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc.
  • Rampart Range Motorized Management Committee

The mission of the Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) is to represent, assist, educate, and empower OHV recreationists in the protection and promotion of off-highway motorized recreation throughout Colorado. COHVCO is an environmental organization that advocates and promotes the responsible use and conservation of our public lands and natural resources to preserve their aesthetic and recreational qualities for future generations.

  • COHVCO has established relationships with Federal and State Legislators and Land Managers to enhance OHV opportunities in Colorado.
  • COHVCO works closely with local clubs, state and national OHV organizations, as well as other trail and recreational coalitions to promote OHV opportunities.
  • COHVCO was instrumental in starting the Colorado State Parks OHV registration program, still monitored by COHVCO.
  • COHVCO promotes responsible use of our public land.

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